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Frequently Asked Questions

What is izik?

izik (pronounced EYE-zik) is a tablet application designed specifically to search, explore and discover the Web. Tablets are getting further integrated into our lives in a fun and functional way. With izik, our goal is to have the practicality of the Web unfold at your fingertips in a fun and playful manner. Type in the name of your favorite band, TV show, sports team, city, recipe - really anything - and izik will produce an image-rich page filled with quality content for you to explore.

How can I access izik?

izik is available for iOS and Android. In addition, izik can be accessed through the website To that end, izik is accessible via laptop or desktop, but the site is really designed for the tablet, so we encourage you to check it out on an iPad or Android tablet. If you do visit on your laptop, most of the scroll and swipe functionality is replaced by clicks.

How does izik come up with the categories for my query?

The categories are created dynamically and are tailored specifically to each query. Each category displays results from a different set of websites curated by topic matter experts. Through these categories, izik delivers a variety of contexts to any given query allowing users to type shorter, more succinct queries.

For example, the query 'paris' will yield categories such as:

  • Travel: you are planning a trip to Paris
  • Hotels: you are searching for a hotel in Paris
  • Movies: you are looking for movies related to Paris like 'Last Tango in Paris' or 'Midnight in Paris'
  • Gossip: you are looking for the latest gossip on Paris Hilton

How do I interact with izik on my iPad?

izik is designed to work beautifully on tablets. Here are some specific features that make using izik a breeze:

  • Swipe horizontally to view more results within one of the thousands of izik categories
  • Swipe vertically on the page to find more categories related to your topic
  • Swipe through expanded results or images
  • Expand any result to see more and share the article with your friends
  • Quick answer boxes that help you find what you need right away

Do I always need to scroll down the search page to find a specific category?

At the bottom of every search results page is a list of categories returned for the specific search query. These categories are clickable and will send you directly to the category.

Why can't I hear any sound when I play videos within Izik on my iPad?

The iPad has a "soft mute" control which is ignored by some apps (like Netflix, Amazon movies, and Youtube), so you might have your iPad muted and don't realize it. This mainly affects people who are using the external control for rotation lock instead of mute.

To un-soft mute your iPad, click twice on the home button, swipe from left to right, and then tap the speaker icon to the far left. It should now show "Mute Off" below the play button. You should be able to hear sound from within Izik again.

What if the app won't install on my iPad?

The izik app requires iOS 4.2 and higher and won't run on older iOS versions. To determine your version of iOS, do the following on your iPad:

  1. Settings, and then in the left pane tap General.
  2. About and note the version number.

If the version is below this number, you'll need to upate the iOS. If this has been done or the version 4.2 or higher, contact Apple Support for further

How do I pronounce izik?

Easy! It’s pronounced EYE-zik. Just like our buddy Sir Isaac Newton.

I love the demo video, are the landing page results static for each sample query?

Not at all! Depending on the query, the results may update for each query. Keep checking back!.

izik is awesome and I want to provide feedback. Who do I send this to?

Contact Apple

U.S. iPad Technical Support phone number: 1-800-APL-CARE (800-275-2273)

Apple Support website:

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